AiroX wasn't like the other kids. Always getting into trouble and never listening to the teacher during tuning classes...


Airox was developed on the news that SAAB AB would once again venture into the automotive market with their advanced AI technology developed for the aerospace industry.

The design is an exploration of how this new chapter in SAAB's long history could be embodied in a self aware, fun loving car design that ties in elements of SAAB's automotive design language together with the design elements of it's fighter jets.

The face of the car wears the grin of the modern SAAB design language while the sides gape with the fighter jet air intakes that feed air through the car to cool the high performance batteries and optimize airflow through the body of the car. These aerodynamic themes are also present at the front of the car where air flows past intakes next to the lights and is deflected via air rams to change the downforce at the front of the car through different handling situations.

Perhaps most remarkable about the design are the dynamic spoilers positioned aft of the cockpit which deploy during high speed handling to affect airflow and downforce independently or in unison to achieve better cornering and stabilisation. They are also useful for communicating different moods togehter with the built-in screen in the front grill to the owner of the car or passing pedestrians.

The power for the car is thought to be high performance electric and the 0-60 time is superfast. The handling is supernice and the ride is supersmooth thanks to the micro-adjustments made by the dynamic airflow systems.

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